Thursday, March 30, 2006

'News of the Weed' is back after an extended 'holiday'.

Above: 'global marijuana march 2006' poster, shipping worldwide now from

DESPITE every effort by DEA/MI5/Green Party/Nazi/ and so called 'Anarchist' infiltrators, plus social workers, corrupt schizophrenic psychiatrists, double agents, double crossers and informers, not to mention cocaine/ heroin dealers in London, New York and Kabul, plus CIA agents, internet censors in China, and the President of the United States (even though he's a toker), the 'Global Marijuana March' goes ahead this year with 189 cities confirmed (so far) as planning some kind of 'Fuck the Fucking Stupid Fucking 'Prohibition' Fucking Laws, I may Fucking want to Fucking Get Fucking High on Fucking Weed, FUCK You if you don't Fucking Like It' event. (If you don't like the slogan, don't blame the organisers, blame 'fucking' schmoo). Watch this space, plus get in the loop at : and Cannabis Culture and

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