Saturday, July 09, 2005

'hemp aid' campaign; draft text & layup for new flyer

The Cannabis Trust is planning a coordinated 'Hemp Aid' education campaign. A draft text for a suitable flyer has been produced and more research is being done. Help is required. We are looking for more information, especially regarding hemp in Africa, and US policy towards hemp. Once the text is fully checked and agreed it will become part of an ongoing 'Hemp Aid' education and action campaign.

Further research is being done to find the exact legel situation regarding Hemp Farming in each African country. So far we have discovered considerable variation: In S. Africa the ANC government has long been aware of the value of hemp in alleviating poverty in Africa and is now investing millions in hemp production. However in Ghana you can get 10 years hard labour simply for saying (or singing) anything that could be construed as advocating the use of cannabis and that includes hemp! Just like the American Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) which works all over the world spreading misinformation about cannabis and hemp, Ghana's government lumps hemp together with 'cannabis', and thinks that you can eat a hemp burger and get high! More information on current hemp policies in other African nations is urgently required.

We are also looking for more evidence to back up the statements in the draft text regarding the imposition of an anti hemp policy on many of the poorest African countries by the US using blackmail, bribery and corruption.

'Hemp Aid' draft text

'Hemp Aid' Flyer layup: designed for easy download, printing, photocopying and local distribution: hempaid.pdf (a4, '3up', b/w, 316k).

some links about Hemp in Africa:

African Cannabis Agriculture, Politics, Poverty And Disease:

S. African government minister's speech on hemp:

Swaziland (S.Africa):



Hemp in the USA: 'Hemp, Hemp Horray'

DEA hemp policy

Hemp in Afganistan: Hemp Could Replace Opium Crop - Hemp would provide a feasible and profitable alternative to growing poppies for heroin, argues development worker Marc Deeley talking to the BBC. Cannabis Culture have another interview with Marc Deeley, who works for 'Spirit Aid'.


At 3:36 pm, Blogger Hemptons said...

Hemptons is a South African Manufacturing & Distribution Company in South Africa. We only manufacture products based on Hemp. We initially hoped we could buy all of our raw Hemp material from local sources, but have had to resort to importing.

The South Africa government started a Hemp growing project in the Eastern Cape in 1998 and R20 million was allocated to this project. They issued licenses to farmers who wanted to take part in the project. They purchased 8 oil presses from Germany and provided seed to farmers.

However, due to bureaucracy and mismanagement of both the project and the funds, this project has ground to a halt .. having yielded only one crop and pressing.

Hemptons is in the process of lobby the Department of Trade and Industry to allocate additional licenses to farmers outside of the “project” to see whether we can’t get the production started this way.

It is a chicken and egg situation however, as the Government now does not want to fund or support any further projects related to Hemp as they perceive it as a non-viable crop now that the 1st project has failed.

Our efforts are ongoing though and hope to obtain funds outside of Government with which to fund this initiative.

Amelia Karg


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