Sunday, October 04, 2009

leading marijuana campaigner dana beal arrested

Is it just coincidence that within the space of just two days, two of the leading organisers of the annual Global Marijuana March, first Marc Emery (28th Oct) and then (30th Oct) Dana Beal (above, photo New York Times) have been arrested and are now both behind bars, at the mercy of the cruel American 'justice' system?

The extradition of Marc Emery to the American Gulag had been expected despite a majority of Canadians being against it and a long campaign, but Dana Deal's arrest in Nebraska, allegedly in possession of 150 lbs of marijuana, is a double wammie for the global movement against marijuana prohibition.

Dana Beal is founder and main coordinator of the annual 'Global Marijuana March' which this year held simultaneous marches in nearly 200 cities worldwide, campaigning for medical marijuana and an end to marijuana prohibition. He has also devoted his considerable energies towards developing anti addiction treatments, particularly using the natural drug Ibogaine.

Now Marc Emery and Dana Beal are two more victims of the drug war they have campaigned so hard to end. They are not criminals, they are political prisoners.

Dana and two others have been charged with "possession with the intent to deliver and having no drug tax stamp." Possession of marijuana for personal use has been decriminalised under Nebraska State laws, but they still allow draconian penalties for the sale and distribution of the popular herb.

A Free Dana Beal Facebook site and a Free Dana Beal Blog have been started to support Dana and raise funds for his defence.

LATEST: (via kind friends stashblog): Dana Beal is in the Saunders County Jail, write him at Irvin Beal #6669, Saunders County Jail, 387 North Chestnut, Wahoo, Nebraska 68066. He needs 50k for bailman. First court date is Nov 10th. Dana is in a dorm with 18 other “drug offenders".


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