Monday, March 02, 2009

kelloggs shares crash as cannabis users 'k flakes' boycott continues

Kelloggs share price has crashed ever since they sacked Michael Phelps for toking on a bong, and were immediately hit with a boycott by cannabis users worldwide.

The 'cannaphobic' decision by Kelloggs to sack Michael Phelps has proved to be a well deserved disaster bong.

According to The Vanno Reputation Index, which monitors the public image of leading corporations, out of the 5,600 company reputations Vanno monitors, Kellogg ranked ninth before it rudely snubbed Phelps. Now it's ranked 83.

Of course Kellogg's share price drop may not just be due to the cannabis boycott, but the main stream bad publicity for Kelloggs it has generated has certainly added to Kellogg's general credibility crunch crisis.

Kelloggs need to realise that indulging in Reefer Madness is bad for business, and it is just not healthy for the individual or society, but they can join a treatment program.

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