Thursday, May 25, 2006

medical cannabis: MP's and Lords join with patients campaigners and experts

Medical cannabis patients, campaigners, and experts plus two MPs went to 10 Downing street to demand urgent action on Medical Cannabis. Later they met with other MP's, plus Lords and supporters at a packed meeting in the Houses of Parliament.

Above: Medical cannabis campaigners including Labour MP's Paul Flynn and Brian Iddon (Chairman of the 'All Party Parliamentary Drugs Misuse Group') take the issue to 10 Downing Street.

Above: Anita Curzon who suffers from Fibro Myalgia outside 10 Downing Street to deliver a petition to Tony Blair calling for action on medical cannabis. At the meeting in Parliament afterwards she said: "After using pharmaceutical drugs and having the horrific side effects that come along with them, it actually makes me very, very angry that I have to be made a criminal for using what is a natural based drug, which does not have nearly the side effects that pharmaceutical drugs have."

Above: The event was organised by the Cannabis Education Trust because of 'intermiable' delays and 'foot dragging' by the government despite election promices.

At meeting in Parliament Lord Rhy, who was closely involved in writing the ground breaking 'House of Lords Report on Medical Cannabis'. He said that the government had been "sitting on it for a very long time. It is taking an intermiable time for the license to be given to Sativex, which is the best product on the market at the moment. There is a very deep counter campaign going on (against medical cannabis). We want to know who is it that is influencing the decision making that is holding this thing up."

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