Wednesday, May 17, 2006

save rooney's foot campaign: this THC cream could help win the world cup for britain

Above: This jar of 'Hemp Cream' could help win the World Cup for Britain - except for the crazy rules that out law the use of medical cannabis.

Doctors are doing everything they can to speed up the healing process for brilliant goal scoring British football star Wayne Rooney who may not be able to play in the World Cup because of a broken foot.

They are making Wayne Rooney sleep in an oxygen tent, they may be using lazers on him, and if they had access to alien technology they would use it - but they won't use medical cannabis.

Britain's chance to win the world cup could be lost because of a crazy law. If Rooney was to use the cannabis cream he could heal quicker - but fail a drugs test and be out of the world cup anyway.

Meanwhile thousands of people are 'out of life' because of the ban on medical cannabis. It can help MS sufferers stay out of wheel chairs, and help recovery from anti cancer treatments, and off set the side effects of drug treatments for AID's.

The only people who benefit from the ban on medical cannabis are the drug companies selling products that do not work as well.

That is why there is a worldwide campaign to legalise medical cannabis - and why representatives of the campaign in Britain, and medical cannabis users will be meeting MP's on the 24th May to demand urgent action.


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