Saturday, May 06, 2006

marches in 200 cities worldwide demand legalisation of cannabis

Above: Opps... schmoo sparked off a minor security alert taking this picture in the rain outside The Cabinet Office in Whitehall today. The 'Anti Terrorist Squad' were very nice, once they realised we were not part of the radical 'Bring Back Charles Clarke Campaign', and were in fact supporting Medical Cannabis as part of the 'Global Cannabis Action Day'. We were shocked how rusty the Cabinet Office sign has been allowed to get.

Today is the begining of 'global cannabis action' month and there are events in 200 cities world wide.

How safe is cannabis? How dangerous is cannabis prohibition?

schmoo says: I have given up using cannabis, but I still support the end of cannabis prohibition worldwide and in Britain - for health reasons. The government says cannabis prohibition should continue because it is a dangerous drug, and the law should protect people's health. Certainly for some people cannabis does have it's dangers, and they should not use it. But prohibition is much more dangerous than cannabis, as we know from the days of Al Capone. That is why cannabis should be legalised now - to protect people's health.

Above: Medical cannabis campaigners visited the the 'Home Office' in London today as part of the Global Cannabis Action, but there was no one in, as sadly the previous occupier, Charles Clarke, has been evicted.

'News of the Weed' says: Charles Clarke was one of the best Home Secreteries ever. This is not a difficult accomplishment, after people like Michael Howard, but we will miss him.

As part of the Global Action there will be a MEDICAL CANNABIS DEMONSTRATION, @ PARLIAMENT SQUARE & 10 DOWNING STREET, WEDS MAY 24th 2006 (10am-5pm).

More information on cannabis and medical cannabis @


At 1:52 pm, Blogger amigosdemaria said...

Gretings from Euskal Herria.
We are millions around the world.
we put a link to cannabistrust in our web page

At 11:12 pm, Blogger Joybuzzard said...

Here's the report for the Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada GMM on Saturday May 6, 2006
There was about 100 people in the park when we got there and started setting up equipment, but a lot of them were standing, packing bags and leaving even though it wasn't even 4:20 yet. A reporter from CTV was setting up. I met Moe Broedum, he was collecting signatures. Then the cops came. The same cop who was central in shutting down the rally last year walked up to me and said "Hi Daniel". I said "Hi". Then Moe walked up and asked him if he wanted to sign the Marc Emery petition. The officer declined. Then the officer looked at me and said "so, this is like last year..." and I said "yeah" and handed him the permit. I should mention that there is a profound lack of communication between city hall and the police in Regina.He stared at it for almost a minute, me sitting in silence, "You have a permit." he said matter of factly, as though I didn't already know and I said "yeah." Then I started taking Cannabis Health Magazines out of the box and handing them in bunches to my anonymous volunteers to distribute to the crowd which was thinning quickly. Then he went away with the permit and all the cops had a hog-huddle over by the squad cars. Meanwhile, me and my volunteers were trying to convince the thinning crowd that it wasn't cancelled, everything would be cool and just stick around until the hassle was over. The cop came back to talk to me again. He noted that I hadn't gotten a loudspeaker permit. I said that we had been doing it since 2001 and the rule I had been told by the police repeatedly over the years was that if there was no complaint there was no problem. The cop said that there had already been a complaint about the event, because someone was concerned about the possibility of "people were smoking drugs in the park". Again, I had just shown up. At the time, there was nobody smoking anything. The crowd was thinning even more. The cop said that I could continue with the event but I had to stop people from smoking marijuana and I couldn't plug in anything electrical. He had an almost-smirk when he said that, looking at the drum kit.
I decided that this meant I couldn't plug it in until after 6, when the malls closed and downtown security, the actual source of all but one complaint we've had over the years, would be off duty.
The cops stayed at the edge of the park for a long time, passing my permit around and scratching their heads, watching my smokeless audience which got smaller and smaller. By the time they left we had 40 people. But at least the atmosphere had lightened up and the traditional overhead cloud could form. We played acoustic only, alternating drums and guitar, until 6 and then plugged in. I had been talking from group to group and handing things out, so now that I could speak over a mic everyone had heard what I came to say so we just got the real jamming started. By that time we had 20 people, almost all of whom were me and the volunteers or people we knew. The media don't seem to have covered the event at all in Regina, even though cameras from 2 stations were seen. I was told later this evening that the cops had already gone through the park a while before we got there and told many people that the event wasn't happening. I don't know if they were talking about the actual police or downtown security.
Daniel Johnson
NORML Saskatchewan


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