Saturday, April 29, 2006

cannabis mystery: hash stash found at home of Defence Secretary John Reid

IT COULD BE MEDICAL - or from Afganistan, or Iraq ...or Wales

Police have found cannabis with an estimated street value of 85pence at the home of John Reid, the British Minister of Defence, a well known war campaigner and activist.

Reid, has been a frequent traveller to the middle east, including Iraq, and the Lebanon where much of the world's best quality cannabis is produced.

He is also an associate of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who's father in law is a famous actor, and self confessed six spliffs a day, cannabis smoker.

Police discovered the drug stash while Reid, who comes from Scotland, a center for drug abuse, was on a secret trip to Afganistan, famous for producing the best quality heroin in the world. He is known to have associated with several Afgani 'war lords' who are involved in the heroin trade.

Well known at labour parties as a 'pusher', insiders say Reid may have got 'hooked' on drugs while working as the Minister of Health with responsibility for the national (NHS) drugs cupboard.

However there is a theory that the drugs stash could be part of a consignment sent to Reid by cannabis campaigner Jeffrey Ditchfield, 45, in November of last year.

Police are investigating, but due to a change in the law brought in by a known accomplice of Reid's, (THC hero David Blunkett), possession of cannabis, is now only a 'Class C' offence, (along with the 'crustie' drug 'Ketamine', and mothers little helper 'Valium'). Because of this Reid has not been arrested and thrown in jail over the Bank Holiday Weed End.

Also his squat has not been trashed, his dogs have not been put down, and the weeds in his garden have not been taken away for analysis, as would have been the case a few years ago under the Tory Drug Lords.

As he has no kids they have not been put into care, and he will not be deported back to the impoverished Scottish Block, but the telephone taps by the CIA, MI6, and Charles Clarke's 'Home Office' remain, in case of further offences.


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