Friday, April 28, 2006

smoking advice: join the 'slave uprising' - rebel & quit!

schmoo smoked cannabis (weed/hash) 'off' and mostly 'on' for over 35 years with tobacco, but now he's quit both 'weeds' for nearly four months. He does not plan to smoke tobacco ever again, but he advises daily cannabis smokers to "Quit cannabis - so you can really enjoy it!"
I would recommend the 'no cannabis' experience to anyone who uses it every day. The best bit for me is remembering my dreams, which I hardly ever did when I was smoking spliffs all the time. Dreams are way better than most DVD's - and they are free.

Even if you grow your own, you will save loads of cash quitting weed, some of which I advise spending at a dental hygienist, and on some 'good stuff', like food.

I don't miss my 'friendly local dealer' much at all. I used to pay for his holidays - now I'm going on holiday.

I started off only planning to stop using cannabis for 28 days, but I enjoy being 'high as a kite' for free so much, I've now quit for over 3 months.

I used to wake up at 'high noon' (12am), now I am a 'Farmers Today' regular (5.30am, Radio 4).

I will use weed once in a while in the future, but my chronic abuse of the holy herb is over; I want to really enjoy it!

I also quit tobacco - that evil stuff really is addictive - but the physical withdrawl is only two days. Don't believe the properganda - it is not that difficult to quit the multi national corporation, mind enslaving, zombie weed.

Forget patches - just do it. De-hypnotise yourself.
'News of the Weed' tobacco advice: Join the Slave Uprising - rebel & quit!

Test yourself for cannabis abuse.


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