Monday, December 12, 2005

woody harrelson: "The cops could nail me"

WOODY HARRELSON, hemp campaigner and famous Hollywood weed toker was asked in an interview in todays London Evening Standard if he still smoked weed.

He answered without a wiff of paranoia:
"Sure. If the cops [in London] want to nail me they just have to find me on a Saturday night."

"If you're banning something because it's harmful, then freaking outlaw McDonald's."
A long time cannabis campaigner, his latest latest venture involves forming an environmental "cartel" to oppose the petrochemical giants; check out his campaignng website:

Woody may not be worried about being 'nailed' by the cops, but we hope the oil and pharmaceutical companies don't get him instead, presumably he is 'sorted', so he won't get picked up in the ongoing Brixton police cull of 'skunk tourists' trying to buy weed in the area.

Currently living in Islington, North London, Woody told the Evening Standard:
"This is a cool town."
But London won't be nearly as cool if Tony Blair makes cannabis 'Class B' again; Woody will have to move to Amsterdam.

• Woody Harrelson is currently performing at the Lyric Theatre, London.


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