Wednesday, November 30, 2005

cannabis grandma: "I don't Want No Satisvexion"

PAT TABRAM, the Cannabis Grandma, has told 'News of the Weed' that she does not intend to ask her doctor for Sativex, although she would probally be eligible to use it, and she would not take it even if she was offered it.

"I am not condeming Satisvex, or anyone who uses it, but just as Tony Blair has said he is "terrified of drugs", I am terrified of pharmacological prescription drugs, which have made me very ill".

Currently in London to attend the government sponsored 'Tackling Drugs, Changing Lives' Conference she said: "Sativex has got alcohol in it, and I do not drink because my father was an alcoholic".

She points out that Beta Interferon costs £200 per week per patient, Sativex costs £100 per week per patient, paid by taxpayers in this country.

On the other hand, she says "Cannabis chocolate costs £7.00 per patient, but is free to them, because the cannabis community donates the cannabis and the chocolate, and THC4MS distribute it. Pure cannabis in food is free (if home grown) to £10 a week per patient, paid for by the patient, or their relatives".

"Tell me which one is most beneficial to the patients and the NHS financial problems?" asks the Cannabis Grandma, who makes her own hot 'bud' chocolate, as well as 'traditional' chicken and leek pie with cannabis.

"Since 1975 I have collected fourteen side effect illnesses from prescription medicine, and I am afraid to ever use it again. I now medicate with fresh cannabis bud in my food".

At the Conference she will be asking Home Secretary Charles Clarke and other 'top brass' in the twisting corridors of power this question:

"How can I and millions of other people in my position, obtain and use fresh 'organic' cannabis, without the fear of prosecution".

• Professor Grinspoon, a leading expert on medical cannabis, has said in an interview that Satisvex tastes "horrible".

• The 'Rolling Heads' have announced that they will be releasing a new single. The 'A' side will be called 'I Can't Get No Sativection'. The 'B' side will be called 'I Don't Want No Sativection'.


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