Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cannabis Grandma faces 6 months jail and eviction from her home.

MRS. PATRICIA TABRAM, otherwise known as 'The Grandma Who Eats Cannabis' visited her local police station today, but it was not for a cup of 'tea'. Instead she got an invitation to appear in Hexham Magistrates Court, Northumberland on 22nd November, for what could lead to one of the cannabis trials of the century.

Today police charged the 'Cannabis Grandma' with one of the most serious cannabis 'offences' you can get prosecuted for; "Production" which comes under 'trafficking' in Section 4 of the Misuse of Drugs Act, maximum penalty 14 years.

She was also charged with possession of cannabis (powdered skunk, perfect for making hot medicinal beverages). Both charges were related to the discovery of four cannabis plants in her home in September, by Northumberland police.

Due to the fact that she is currently on a suspended sentence for cannabis supply she also faces an automatic six month prison term on top of the potential 14 years, if convicted for the new offences.

The Cannabis Grandma, 67, has also been warned by her Housing Association that she faces eviction from her home after police contacted housing officials to inform them of her arrest. Her housing officer has officially informed her that if she is found guilty she will face eviction from her bungalow home in Humshaugh, near Newcastle. The house was allocated to her due to her severe arthritis which made it impossible for her to use stairs.

The prosecution have said they would like to see the Cannabis Grandma 'tucked up by Christmas', but the Canny Grandma is determined to defend the right to "keep myself well" by eating cannabis. She has become famous for her 'traditional' potato & leek cannabis pie, and her cannabis hot chocolate beverage.

Two years ago the then 65 year old pensioner was in a neck brace, used two walking sticks, was on a cocktail of NHS prescription drugs, had blotches all over her face, and had been told she would soon be in a wheelchair. Since she started using cannabis, the sticks, neck brace and blotches have gone, she no longer uses any prescription drugs, and she has been able to sleep soundly for the first time in years.

GW Pharmaceuticals, the UK company given a Home Office licence to develop cannabis for medical use has just released the results of a study which demonstrates it's significant effect on easing pain and suppressing the debilitating symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Yet the government is still holding back on allowing doctors to prescribe GW's cannabis medicine, which is made by extracting the active ingredients of cannabis direct from the plant. This is the pharmaceutical equilavent of making a cup of cannabis hot chocolate using a few pinches of the herb. According to the Cannabis Grandma and thousands of others this works amazingly well. Their natural herbal method is also a lot cheaper than the GW Pharmaceuticals method.

The Cannabis Grandma, who suffers from severe arthritis asks "Can someone please explain why it is deemed in the public interest to prosecute me and also threaten me with eviction from my home just for making my self better?"

If found guilty this time the Cannabis Grandma will have two convictions for 'production' (growing cannabis) against her. Under the draconian 'Misuse of Drugs Act' anyone found guilty of 'production' three times faces a mandatory seven year sentence on the third offence.

'News of the Weed' says: Currently GW Pharmceutical shares are worth half their original value on the London Stock Exchange. If responsible 'self-help' medical cannabis users like the Cannabis Grandma and THC4MS are put behind bars, GW shares will probally go up in value. This will be thanks to the continued criminalization of the D.I.Y. competition, who will be eliminated in what is turning into a 'turf war' over who has the right to use cannabis for medical purposes.

Gordon Brown take note: let people like the Cannabis Grandma look after themselves, and you will save the NHS billions, plus you will be a real hero for grandma's, grandpa's and grand children all over the country.

Above: Cannabis Grandma, her son and friend at the Hemp Expo in Wembley last week end. For further information and interviews with the Cannabis Grandma please contact: 07976825086/07869125620.

Cannabis Education Trust:


At 5:01 pm, Blogger Mr.Ben said...

all this will do is make people go against the government even more. I for one am not going to sit there and watch my mum sit in a chair in agony when all she needs is half a joint. if all elce fails move to Canada or the 'Dam

At 3:06 pm, Blogger colin said...

Leaving england is out of the question when it is obvious to all who have studied the subject, the laws on cannabis are a crime against humanity. The UK only made it law to keep the states happy. Every president save Kennedy who might have wanted to speak out against prohibition before he was murdered, is guilty of the same crime.

It also stands a good chance, cannabis was not made illegal because it can be used herbaly as a medicine but because cannabis aka Hemp would be in direct competition with fossil fuels and synthetics, wood pulp and chemical sprayed cancer causing soil depleting cotton.

Our 'special relationship' is bringing us to the brink of a world war with Islam and also bringing about a irreversable global warming deadline of 2015.

Cannigranny Pat and all at the lca are trying to make this medical and environmental scandal public knowledge.

Are you brave enough to say "enough" and come and join us NOW!

check out my hemp for shed blog when I get round to it.

If you're going to e me make your subject clear otherwise I'll just end up deleting it.


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