Monday, September 19, 2005

a bust too far: cooking interrupted as uk's 'cannabis grannie' is raided again in sinister move

Patricia Tabram, otherwise known as the 'Grandma who eats Cannabis', has been busted again at her home. She was raided on Friday (Sep 16th) by Northumberland police, armed with a search warrent, acting on 'information received'.

They found a few "not growing very well" cannabis plants, and arrested the 66 year old grannie for cultivation. Because she is already on a suspended sentence she has been warned by police that she will "definately go to prison this time."

Sky News is reporting that Grannie remains defiant: "I realise I am going to go to prison," she said. "Emmeline Pankhurst had to go to prison three times before women got the vote so I am not going to be worried about it. She added: "I'm just an old, grey, tubby grandma and I'm going to fight this."

This has got to be one of the most PETTY police actions in a long time - so petty indeed that it is sinister. Why on earth did the police bother to raid a close to 70 year old lady for a couple of plants? How in any way can this use of police resources to 'break a butterfly' be anything but a political attack on an outspoken campaigner. They know she is not a criminal nor a danger to anyone.

Was it because grannie has been asking too many embarrassing questions about local police practice? Was it because only a few days before the latest police raid, she was outside the US Embassy protesting against the D.E.A. and the attempted kidnapping of fellow campaigner Marc Emery? Where did the 'information received' come from? Could it have been the DEAland Embassy in Grosvenor Sq?

One thing is for certain; this police action was not ordered 'in the public interest' to save us from a dangerous criminal in our midst. In fact a pattern is now begining to emerge; 'show trials' similar to those carried out by the Communists in the darkest days of Soviet Russia.

The pattern is always the same; using the full weight of the law the authorities go out of their way, bypassing thousands of real criminals, and attempt to crush leading cannabis campaigners.

Local police forces suddenly swing into action, not against the local 'sex slave' industry, not against the thriving local crack scene which is devistating local communities, not against local politicians taking kick backs from property developers.

Instead our 'defenders' zero in on dangerous grandma's, people growing hemp to save the planet, book writers, medicine suppliers and magazine publishers.

The escalating 'Bush War' hit list now includes: Ed Rosenthal (writer, USA), Marc Emery (magazine publisher, Canada), THC4MS (medicine suppliers,Uk), Andre Furst (hemp farmer, Switzerland) and Cannabis Granndma' ('dangerous' grandma, Uk). Not forgetting of course the several million people a year world wide who are persecuted, attacked, beaten, dragged from their homes, imprisoned for years and even executed.

The message is clear: "Stick your neck out for cannabis and we will try to chop off your head".

All this because of a herb that poses little danger to anyone except oil companies, drug corporations, and corrupt politicians, few of whom are really so stupid that they actually believe they are doing the right thing.

'News of the Weed' supports the 'Rule of Law' and professional police people everywhere when they do their difficult job, often risking their necks defending the general public from selfish idiots, 'nutters' and some very evil people, including robbers, rapists and corrupt corporations.

However, we can't support the 'Rule of Evil Stupidity'. This is a bust too far. It stinks!


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