Saturday, September 10, 2005

free the ganja seed hostages: london protests

Outside the U.S. Embassy, London, Sat 10th Sep: Despite wind and rain, and the prospect of being in one of the hottest places in Britain, plus never getting a VISA to the USA, cannabis campaigners in London joined others in nearly 40 cities worldwide today to protest at the threatened 'cannabis kidnappings'; the attempt by the U.S. government to extradite three Canadians, Marc Emery, Greg Williams, and Michelle Rainey, for selling cannabis seeds mailorder.

This is a minor charge in Canada, but it is a very different story in 'Gulag America' where they even have the death penalty for large scale marijuana production. Amnesty International has described U.S. jails as "inhuman". There are 600,000 people currently rotting in those 'inhuman' jails for cannabis possession right now.

Above: 'War on Drugs, Tug of War'. Be on the U.S. government 'Bush War'/DEA(LERS) side, or with 58% of the Canadian population who are against the extraditions and freedom for cannabis; you choose.

The U.S. government's 'Drug Enforcement Agency' (D.E.A.) website is a very bad website indeed. It is only worth reading to see how many lies and pieces of misinformation you can find. 'News of the Weed' is offering a prize to the person who can list the most, we lost count.

EVEN WORSE is the website produced by the U.S. Government's 'National Institute on Drug Abuse'(N.I.D.A.). It has a tasteless design, but don't let that fool you; you are looking at power and influence. These are the people BEHIND the D.E.A! They are up to every dirty trick in the book. Watch out for these fundamentalists, they are active worldwide and are using every devious method at their disposal to fight a bogus 'War on Drugs', while supporting the biggest heroin producers in the world in Afganistan. Let them explain that to their kids if they have any.

Above: Cannabis Grandma gives Bush a right ticking off outside the Canadian Embassy where he was stalking for victims to kidnap.

Below: Bush finally gets the picture, gets some respect and joins the 'Cannabis Trust':

"Hey Guys, I've just had a cool idea! What the kids need is some cannabis education they can trust, not a load of baloney."

Meanwhile the global campaign to free all cannabis prisoners will continue to grow. Whatever the rights and wrongs of cannabis use, no one deserves jail for it, much less being kidnapped from your own country. It also costs poor tax payers all over the world a fortune, which would be far better spent elsewhere. Watch this space (and the many others).


At 11:39 pm, Blogger Me said...

quite informative post .... keep it up...
have a great weekend....

At 12:15 am, Blogger Hawk said...

You are not very smart at all. Narcotics are ILLEGAL, and therefore if someone breaks the law, and knows they are, they should get the punishments coming to them. Canada should ahve the death penalty for poession of ILLEGAL drugs. And Amnesty International is an immoral, manipulative institution. You should be ashamed of yourself.


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