Monday, August 01, 2005

THC4MS to be prosecuted: free medical cannabis service that may have saved NHS £10 million, under legal attack

They helped provide a service called 'THC4MS' that has delivered FREE home made cannabis chocolate to MS suffers all over Britain for the last ten years. In hard cash terms they may have helped save the NHS a million pounds a year, (thats £10 million so far), but you can't put a value on the human benefits of their work.

So what is their reward? A Knighthood from the Queen might be in order, but instead they are being being prosecuted for 'conspiracy to supply cannabis', and could be sent to jail for 14 years! "Guilty of intent to heal" more like. What a crazy world! How can this be in the public interest?

MS patients who use cannabis report a soothing of the painful muscle spasms and improved muscle coordination. Some are able to walk unaided when they were previously unable to do so. It also helps blurred vision, tremors, loss of bladder control, insomnia and depression.

The people 'THC4MS helped may now be forced to buy cannabis on the black market, or go without the benefits it gives. That means they may be in hospital again sooner, be more likely to be wheel chair bound, less likely to be able to work, and for some it may mean they will be dead sooner.

A Knighthood is not good enough for these THC4MS saints who give medical cannabis free to suffering people genuinely in need; the Queen should make them THCLORDS.

There is some surprise that the prosecutions are going ahead as their service had been running for 10 years, and was doing such good work. After the police raids which have resulted in the prosecution, one of the three now charged, Mark Gibson, told the Scotsman; "We were an open secret. We were sending to people from Orkney to Penzance."

On May 15th, Mark Gibson spoke in Trafalgar Square at the Cannabis Education Rally, organised by the Cannabis Trust. In his speech he called for an amnesty for medical cannabis users and suppliers. Now we need that amnesty even more urgently.

Has Britain gone mad? We know about 'reefer madness', but this is 'choco-madness'. These prosecutions should be stopped now 'in the public interest'. Britain can't afford to waste time and money like this.

One thing you can do to help is write to Charles Clarke, Home Secretary, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Ask him to look into this case, as a prosecution is surely not in the public interest. Please be sure to use that term "not in the public interest", because our legal advisors say this is a reason that allows the Home Secretary to intervene in such cases. ALSO send the same letter by e-mail to

Our 'Medical Cannabis Users Guide', gives a lot more information about the many Uses of Medical Cannabis.

So remember, be nice and influence people: Write to Charles Clarke, Home Secretary, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. And please ALSO send the same letter by e-mail to

We hope never, but one day it could be you, or a friend or relative who is denied the medicine that works, mostly just to protect the profits of companies selling medicines that do not work.


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