Monday, July 25, 2005

renee boje faces 10 years mandatory in US prison for watering pot plant - free protest track download

In a medical cannabis case which is begining to have international repercussions American cannabis exile Renee Boje is currently fighting a fast track extradition order from Canada to the US and she needs your help.

The US federal authorities want to imprison Renee for a 10 year MANDATORY sentence in a federal prison, basically for watering some pot plants for a medical marijuana patient in California, where medical marijuana is legal under state law.

On June 17, 2005 the Canadian Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler, ordered Renee Boje surrendered to the US authorities. Renee surrendered herself into custody, but was thankfully released on bail pending an appeal to the Canadian Court of Appeals. They are now waiting to hear whether or not the appeal will be accepted.

In order to ensure Renee Boje's freedom in Canada, she and her lawyer will have to convince the Canadian Court of Appeals that to surrender her to the US authorities to serve a lengthy prison sentence in a violent and inhumane US prison would shock the conscience of Canadian citizens.

There may be hope, as Amnesty International, the UN and Human Rights Watch have all condemned womens prisons in the US due to the extreme violence & inhumane conditions that women are enduring in American prisons today.

As part of the campaign to free Renee Boje and spread information about her case, a free song download has been created where you can get the excellent protest track RENEE AND THE DRUG SQUAD by Johnny Punish and the Shabbab. Please forward this link and information to others who may be interested in doing something about this important case.

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