Saturday, July 16, 2005

londoners devour cannabis education at ken's 'London United' festival

The annual London "Respect Festival" organised by the GLA, uncomfortably became the "Rise Festival" this year, only to be renamed 'London United' in the wake of the attack on the city by suicide bombers 10 days ago. The 'Cannabis Education Trust' ran a stall among the community stalls section at the event, giving us a chance to gauge opinions and experiences from a wide range of people forming the 100,000 audience. A fascinating range of nationalities, faiths and creeds were drawn to our stall - all eager for information and to share their experiences of cannabis and prohibition. Our leaflets were devoured by visitors of all ages. Teenagers arrived with parents in tow, parents brought their kids over for some honest cannabis education and a healthy debate ensued. Only two negative reactions were observed- one from an obnoxious drunken oaf who told us we were a bunch of "####'s" because we declined his demands for a free supply of weed; the other a decidedly sober woman who denounced us as "evil ##### liars" for not agreeing that cannabis causes cancer.

'Frequently Asked Questions' and comments at the stall included:

How do vaporisers work?
Whose side are you on?
Will there be a Brixton Cannabis Festival again?
Where can I get organic (no-additives) tobacco to mix with my ganja?
Why didn't the Panorama programme on Skunk and teenagers interview anyone connected with the Trafalgar Square Rally apart from the Rethink bloke?
Why don't ya tell tha yout about real ganja and sinsy - and steer them away from chemical-ridden skunk and toxic 'soap bar' hash?
Err got any free samples?
Can you sell us a bit?
How do you grow organic skunk?
Is it true mushrooms are illegal and class A to possess?
I wish we had honest cannabis education in Chile, many people still think it is like heroin and crack.
My friend in Poland just got 6 months for possessing half a joint.
A lot of us used to use cannabis on the Kibbutz.
Did you hear about the guy in Singapore who was executed for half a kilo of weed?

Thanks to everyone, including Ken Livingston, for a great 'united front' day. It was cosmopolitain London at it's best.

education not executions


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