Wednesday, September 14, 2005

'joint' venture: the 'Guardian' reports Canadian government is conspiring with U.S. to have Marc Emery extridited

The 'Guardian' has finally woken up, having emerged from it's usual deep slumber when it comes to reporting cannabis news. At last, weeks late, they are reporting the Marc Emery case in todays issue: 'US takes the war on drugs to Canada's Prince of Pot'.

In the last line of the story, Duncan Campbell, an authoritative writer on international drug politics, reports that the U.S. authorities say the extradition is a 'joint venture' with the Canadian government.

This could be simply the Americans trying to drag the Canadians into the dirt with themselves; a 'coalition of the willing' etc etc. More seriously it implies that there actually is a 'conspiracy to kidnap' Marc Emery going on, organized by the U.S. and Canadian governments TOGETHER, rather than just the U.S. 'bully' on it's own.

There is some evidence to support this, with quotes in the press suggesting the Canadian authorities have been frustrated at their failure to be able to get Emery and 'throw away the key'. Apparently there are those in the Canadian police services who believe the only way to destroy Emery is to get him to the States, where he could even face the death penalty, while in Canada the most he could ever get would be a few months.

If true, this revelation will be embarrassing to the Canadian Government, as polls show 58% of the Canadian population are against the extraditions. It will also be a dent in Canada's international image as a progressive and independent nation.

If he is not very careful indeed, the Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin could end up like Tony Blair, who is very unfairly known worldwide as Bush's 'poodle'.

Below are links to some photo galleries and photo threads for Marc Emery protests worldwide:

gallery 1 (
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Canadian press report: Pot activist rallies support ahead of extradition

Information from Warsaw (if you can read Polish).

Listen to Marc Emery discuss his case (POT TV).


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