Monday, September 26, 2005

'stop the war' march london: bongs not bombs

The 'Stop the War' coalition expected 100,000 people for their 'Troops Out Now' march on Saturday, but got about 10,000 - we were there to check it out. Yet, spinning like mad, the SWP dominated 'coalition' is saying on their website that they got "up to 100,000" people. Of course this is not a lie, but to say "up to 100,000" when you know you only got 10,000??? It does make you wonder if we can trust them any more than the one they like to call 'Bliar', and his not so secret lover.

If you want a real laugh download the excellent Bushblair love song 'Read My Lips' movie by Kristina Lindström at '' which also has a lot of other funny stuff.

Also in Hyde Park was Mr Free Cannabis (see last post), who expected a few more than ten people for his 'free cannabis give away', and got ten people. If we were the 'Stop the War' coalition, that would be "up to 100,000 people came to support ending cannabis prohibition on Saturday". And that is not even counting the various lost souls operating in the 'GMT' time zone (Ganja Mean Time); thay all turned up late and missed what ever there was to miss at "High Noon" (pictures to come).

Meanwhile 'News of The Weed' tried to find out what the 'Respect' party line on cannabis is. Answer: They don't have one. In fact they do not have a drugs policy at all. It emerges that they have never discussed the issue either of cannabis or drugs policy in general. 'News of the Weed' is shocked!

So what is the George Galloway line on cannabis? The Respect spokesman would not say, but a good indication is on 'They Work For You'; the 'rebel' MP was strictly loyal to the government when voting for the 'Criminal Justice Bill'. Amongst other things this 'prohibitionists charter' turned the mild mannered 'magic mushroom' into a 'Class A' drug, putting it in the same bracket as heroin and crack cocaine.

But every school kid in Britain knows that 'shrooms' are not as bad as 'smack'.

This is the bill described as "garbage" by Labour MP Paul Flynn who told Parliament: "This Bill was conceived in prejudice, written in ignorance and is being enacted with incompetence. Those who are supporting it will come to rue the day when this piece of legislative garbage went through the House. It is the worst Bill in my parliamentary experience since the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991."

'News of the Weed' says: We can smell a prohibitionist from 10 miles away, and it does not need a sniffer dog to tell that 'Stalinist George' smells of prohibition; the stench is as strong as 'skunk', but not nearly so nice.

Above: A very mini 'free festival' gathered round a bicycled powered main stage, supplied by the wonderful 'Rinky Dink' who have been regular performers at cannabis marches and festivals through the ages. A sight for sore ears.


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