Friday, September 23, 2005

mr cannabis i presume: free hash cakes in the park, sat 24th, 2.00pm, speakers corner, hyde Park, london.

THE irrepressible Mr Free Cannabis (he's got the passport to prove it) is 'doing his own thing' at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park tomorrow (24th Sep) for his annual 'Free Cannabis In the Park' event, billed as a 'free cannabis give away.'
The event flyer, and informative website (although some of the links sadly don't work), says Mr Cannabis will be giving away free hash cakes at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park (2.00pm), and then heading up to Mary(jane)lebone Police Station with a live Cannabis Plant.
'News of the Weed' wonders about the wisdom of all this; why is Mr Cannabis exposing a cannabis plant to face almost certain execution at the hands of babylon???? For the plant this is a suicide mission, we hope it is worth it. Still, one thing we can be sure of; the hash cakes will be 100% organic.
The controversial Mr Cannabis, who looks sickenly healthy and younger every day on his hemp seed diet, was one of the stars of the show at the recent 'Cannabis Education Rally' in Trafalgar Square (may 15th), where he performed his amazing 'Free Cannabis Rap'.
Unfortunately, he then proceeded to slag off the organisers in his newsletter for trying to stop him speaking, despite the fact that he was given two slots, while everyone else got one! Still, thats genius for you, and there is certainly a lot of good sensi in the 'Mr Free Cannabis' mix.
'News of the Weed' says "Mr Cannabis should put out a 'rap' single; he could be 'Top of the Pops'.


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