Thursday, November 03, 2005

'one hundred cone billy' by herb superb - free mp3 download

As part of the 'Use It, Don't Abuse It' cannabis education campaign, the 'Cannabis Trust', sponsored by the 'Global Marijuana Music Awards', is offering a free, 100% legal download of 'One Hundred Cone Billy', by Herb Superb, from his classic CD 'Potsongs' (P&C Darbalara Music / Undercover Music).

The CD also features songs from the film 'Potluck' starring 'Chong' of 'Cheech and Chong'.

'One Hundred Cone Billy' is an amusing cautionary song regarding the daily consumption of large amounts of cannabis. It is worth the download just for the laughs; and it's a pretty sad and messy story, plus the music is good as well.

Herb Superb was the 2004 Winner of the 'Global Marijuana Music Awards, Best Recorded Track' with 'Rollin Hills of Nimbin'. Entries are currently flooding in from all over the world for the 2006 GMM Awards, which will be held in Britain and look like being the most varied yet, with 14 categories of music covered.

News of the Weed says: The 'Global Marijuana Music Awards' are great but they don't have a 'Garage' or 'Ragga' category so send them some samples and they won't be able to resist. More 'punk-hippy', 'neo-goth' and 'psycho-jazz' also required.

Meanwhile, in case anyone still thinks that the only problem with cannabis is when you don't have any, the Cannabis Trust and the THC Club are offering the chance to test your self for cannabis abuse.


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