Thursday, April 27, 2006

thc at 10: medical cannabis on the menu at Downing Street and Parliament, 24th May


A day of medical cannabis action is CONFIRMED for Weds 24th May 2006 to raise awareness of the issues and injustices facing medical cannabis users, growers and their friends and relatives in the UK.

A Petition will be delivered to Downing St at 1pm by a group which includes a Grandmother who self-medicates by adding cannabis to her food (Cannabis Grandma), an MS sufferer, the founder of a clinic dispensing cannabis-based creams and tinctures, an organic medical cannabis grower and a human-rights lawyer.

An organiser said: "Many thousands of people in Britain are being denied treatment with a effective drug, not because of scientific or medical reasons, but because of bigotry, because the drug is called 'cannabis'. As a consequence it could be you who dies early, or who ends up in a wheel chair unnecessarily, or who suffers pain that can't be treated by other drugs without terrible side effects. Or it could be your Mum or Dad, a child or your grandparents. That is why legalising medical cannabis now is a family issue. Meanwhile the only people who benefit from the continued prohibition of medical cannabis are the companies who supply drugs that don't work as well as cannabis - and funeral directors."

There will be a Press Conference, and Lobby of MP's 3pm - 4pm inside the 'House of Commons', Committee Room 18, Palace of Westminster (entrance St Stevens Gate), and a all day demonstration outside at Parliament Square from 10am to 5pm.

Organised by members of the 'Cannabis Trust' - bookmark 'News of the Weed' for more information & regular up dates.

Respect Cannabis - The Law Doesn't
The Right To Choose Your Own Medicine


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