Thursday, April 27, 2006

highway caution: secret drug testing of disabled drivers for cannabis


Tony recently phoned the Cannabis Legal Support Service helpline and explained how he lost his driving licence. Tony who is disabled, has to have annual health checks ordered by the DVLA to continue driving. The doctor who carried out the check last year assured Tony that the DVLA was not looking for cannabis. This turned out not to be correct. The DVLA informed him that since in his medical he had shown a positive test for cannabis, his licence would be withdrawn for a year. As a result, Tony who has a clean driving licence, has had no other accidents and lives in an isolated part of the country, has been unable to drive for a year. Tony is anxious to warn people that anyone who has a medical test ordered by the driving licence authority, and which proves positive for cannabis, is liable to have their licence removed regardless of the circumstance. And there appears to be no procedure for appeal against this.

Cannabis Legal Support Service helpline : Tel:01508 480528


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