Thursday, April 27, 2006

LCA Party Conference Report

report by Steve Barker

This was the 7th Legalise Cannabis Party conference. It seems amazing to consider what has been achieved in the last seven years. It was on the University of East Anglia campus as the last six have been, in a down stairs hall in a block called the Congregation Hall.

This was a much more attractive and relaxing space than the lecture theatres which we have been allocated before; more space to move about, and with tea, coffee and refreshments in the hall rather than elsewhere .

Speakers included Chris Baldwin, Don Barnard, Rocky van de Benderskum, Alun Buffry, Tom Corser, Andria Efthimiou, Chris Jackman, Winston Matthews, Steve Pank, 'Granny' Pat Tabram and Derek Williams. Farooque Ahmed was MC.

The L C A Party Political Broadcast which appeared on ITV and BBC in Wales a week before the 2005 general election, was shown, and received rapturous applause. There were about 100 people there and among those who attended were was the founder of Release, Caroline Coon. The conference concluded with an auction of varied items and cannabis memorabilia.

In the early evening we were entertained by a quality performance from the Coffeeshop Band from Worthing fronted by hard man campaigner Winstone - performing unforgettable anthems about the toker's life and the woes of prohibition . Standup comic James McLeavey gave all a hearty chuckle with his one-man comedy show, and Vincent won the gruelling quiz beating 13 contestants including last year's winner! The speeches are up on the UKCIA website in the library.

Steve Barker


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