Friday, May 05, 2006

cannabis goes to coventry: global marijuana music awards 2006

There may not be a cannabis festival this year, but the closest thing will be at the UK Hemp Expo 29 & 30 July at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

As part of the 'Global Marijuana Muic Awards'which will be happening at the Hemp Expo, there will be live performances from Los Guys, Jules Levy, Tony England & the Coffeeshop Band from the UK, Assi Rose from India and Ruffstar Family from Holland. Paul Bullock, Pot Poet from Texas will be MC, assisted by the Hot Pot Pixie also from the US. For more info check out"


The Almost Final Tally for the 2006 Global Marijuana Music Awards is a
whopping 223 entries from 7 countries! Marijuana musicians entered from the US, UK, Australia, Holland, India, Austria & Germany. Music styles range from Punk Rock to Texas Country Music, from Chicago Gangster Rap to Calypso from India, all with one thing in common - they're all about Marijuana!

Meanwhile there are still 3 weeks left to enter
: entry details at:


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