Tuesday, May 09, 2006

crimes against humanity: suppression of marijuana research

'Counter Punch' reports that the US American Food and Drug Administration chose the 20 of April (4.20) to issue a total lie: the assertion that "no scientific studies" supported the medical use of marijuana.
"The statement was not the work of a panel of experts reviewing recent research. It was issued, supposedly, in response to numerous Congressional inquiries, but actually at the behest of the DEA and the Drug Czar's Office. Its release on 4/20, a day of special significance to marijuana users, shows the juvenility of its authors, who apparently regard Prohibition as a little game they're playing with the American people".
However the American people may be waking up to the fact they may be the most lied to and ripped off people in the world.

The day after the 4.20 Drug Czar's statement the New York Times quoted Dr. Daniele Piomelli, a professor of pharmacology at the University of California, Irvine, in a front page story refuting much of the official government line. Dr. Piomelli said he had:
"never met a scientist who would say that marijuana is either dangerous or useless."
• More at the excellent 'Counter Punch' which publishes an extensive feature, by Fred Gardner editor of 'O'Shaughnessy's' the Journal of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group. He traces what happened after a study into the effects of marijuana use by pregnant mothers found no harmful effects: the study was buried, and funding for a follow up study was refused.

News of the Weed says: Seems the US government pays more attention to the Witch Doctors at the Drug Czars office, than to real scientists.

Meanwhile Republican and Democratic senators have called for drug czar John Walters to be fired because of his focus on marijuana instead of methamphetamine, which really is a killer.


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