Tuesday, May 09, 2006

supporting THC4MS: cannabis confessions required

Supporting THC4MS: Alun Buffrey of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance calls for cannabis confessions now:

The Judge has indicated that the THC4MS x 3 will be taken for trial. Grandma Pat Tabram is also likely to be put on trial as a medical cannabis user.

In North Wales, Jeff Ditchfield is facing charges of conspiracy and others. Previously, Chris Baldwin, Colin Davies have been sent to prison, and the late Biz Ivol and Tony Taylor and others have been taken to court - there are MANY others who have been prosecuted for medical cannabis cultivation or possession.

Quite clearly - and remembering that the law says still that cannabis has no medicinal value - this is an ATTACK on medical users and suppliers.

In the US, Cheech was locked up for running an on-line paraphenalia shop; in the UK several shops selling growing equipment have been told not to sell seeds.

This is an attack on cannabis users.

Meanwhile, with respect to the campaigners and organisers, 2006 promises already two forms of protect: one in the cause of cannabis medicine, the other in the name of hemp. Prohibitionists have for some time accused the medical cannabis movement, as well as the pro-hemp movements of being in reality, legalisers. Now it's like the reverse is happening: the legalisers are becoming the medical activists and hemp activists!

Whilst the prohibitionists accused those of trying to legalise cannabis by the back doors (false in the past, maybe), legalisers are now saying to me that medical and industrial cannabis based campaigns meet with less public and authority resistance.

Make no mistake: the UK and US Governments are "at war" with cannabis users: sure, the law may have changed to allow police to focus on crack cocaine etc, but wherever that problem of hard drugs is solved (in small communities at least), police turn their attention on cannabis growers and users! It's just that they seldom get mentioned in the press.


The question is are we all now prepared to STAND together side by side against this prohibition?

The ONE reason why people say "no" is out of some type of fear: fear of getting busted, of losing a job, of losing a friend or disrupting a family = all the things that happen in a "war" - all the things that may ultimately happen to each one of us anyway. So many people have said they would like to be more actively involved but cannot because of their jobs etc - and yet I know of not ONE cannabis campaigner who has lost their jobs - even those few brave professionals like Linda Hendry,
Derek Williams, Pat Cadman ... not one.


The Court is not going to legalise cannabis for us - they are about law, rules, games, debates, NOT justice There's more "heart" in mathematics! If some of those judges and barristers were told to take THC4MS x 3 out and shoot them, believe me, they would (maybe also out of fear).

The Politicians are not going to legalise cannabis for us as they have no reason to. The People are not going to do it - even 5 to 10 million users - mostly too afraid to act. The media will not do it. the dealers will not do it. Neither will the church.


The ONLY people who will bring on legalisation is the campaigners. Let FEAR defeat us now and we have LOST. Stand arm in arm and we can win. A "conspiracy of three" is an easy target. Of 40 a little more difficult. Of hundreds even more difficult.

WE NEED to stand side by side in Court - to demand that we are charged too with conspiracy however small our involvement (simply telling people about the work and media who have given THC4MS free adverts, universities, doctors, patients, organisers of fairs giving free space, leaflet distributors, donors - all guilty!


.... that each person who gets this letter:

joins us in our "Confessions" in the ACTION forum at http://www.lca-uk.org/lcaforum. This is where 46 people so far have already shown solidarity can be seen.

2. passes on this letter to at least three more people

3. prints out ONE PAGE for signed confessions (three people) and tries
their hardest to find three people to sign it and post it to LCA, PO
Box 198, Norwich, NR3 3WB (email me for the form)

Divided we may fall. Together we can move a mountain.

It's up to YOU

Alun Buffrey



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