Tuesday, May 16, 2006

new drugs minister Vernon Coaker: he toked but never coked

Vernon Coaker the new drugs minister really is called Vernon Coaker! And, before anyone asks, he has admitted not taking coke, er ... but claims he was a toker.

In a frank interview with the Coventry Evening Telegraph he said "I took one or two puffs of marijuana but that was it. I think it was once or twice."

Mr Coaker told the newspaper he had not enjoyed the experience and decided not to do it again.

He added, perhaps suffering from long term memory loss: "I think it was at a party or something."

News of the Weed says: "Mr Coaker must be already sick of cocaine jokes, so we will just say 'welcome dude, chill out and enjoy the vibe, no need to be paranoid".

On a tour to see how 10 cities and towns tackle drug abuse, the new New Labour Drugs Minister said: "I'll be asking: 'If you have one wish, one demand you think could be done, what would that be?'"

'News of the Weed' is happy to make a suggestion: "Here is an easy one, there are no excuses, it really could be done: legalise Medical Cannabis NOW; it is even good for getting off coke".

Meanwhile Cannabis Trust spokesperson Andy Cornwell said:
"MPs from all parties have admitted prior cannabis use, but are there any prepared to admit current cannabis use, even for medical reasons? Hypocrisy has always prevented an honest drugs debate."
* Vernon Coaker and all the posse are invited to the 'Medical Cannabis Action Meeting', Committee Room 18, Palace of Westminster, London, May 24th.

News of the Weed says: Be there, or be a croaker.


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