Thursday, May 11, 2006

shoe sue: dea agent who shot himself in the foot to sue the dea

DEA Agent Lee Paige, 45, loved to lecture on the perils of drugs, but in front of a class room of Florida school kids, it was he who ended up in peril - of himself.

Paige produced a Glock .40 hand gun in front of the kids, told them he was the only one in the room professional enough to carry the weapon - and then shot him self in the foot.

Once the target of dangerous drug dealers, Paige says he is now the "target of jokes, derision, ridicule, and disparaging comments" thanks to a video of the incident being put on the internet - by colleges in the DEA.

Now he is suing the DEA because he has suffered "emotional pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of the enjoyment of life, loss of reputation, loss of opportunity, loss of money, embarrassment, humiliation and anxiety."

'News of the Weed' says: maybe Paige should join the CIA - the 'Cannabis Inhalers Association'.


At 11:22 am, Blogger Sterling Knight said...

I wanted to write some shit here: 'Brandishing a gun in school?!' and something along the lines of: 'The guys a fucking idiot!' but when the video finished I just shook my head.
That man should be banned from schools, from contact with children, from owning a firearm, and he should be fired from the DEA.
He'd fit in well with the IRS idiot dumbfucks!!!


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