Tuesday, May 23, 2006

we need the NHS: natural healing service

Above and below: We need the NHS - the Natural Healing Service. Today campaigners will be going to Downing Street and Parliament Square to call for medical cannabis to be supplied free by the NHS to treat pain, MS and many other ailments. They also want specialist 'cannabis clinics' run by experts to be set up, and the end to all prosecutions for the private use of medical cannabis.

Campaigners say these policies could save the NHS millions, if not billions of tax payers cash which currently goes into the pockets of big pharmaceutical 'drug dealers' for drugs that often do not work as well as cannabis.

Petition to Downing Street - Wednesday 24th May 2006

To raise awareness of the issues and injustices that face medical cannabis users, would-be users, growers and those who supply sick and disabled people.

To the Prime Minister, Right Hon Tony Blair,

We respectfully request that you consider the following questions:

1. Who benefits from the prosecution of medical cannabis users?

2. Who benefits from medicinal cannabis prohibition?

We also invite you to consider the following issues:

The fact that Sativex (mouth spray) is still virtually unobtainable for UK patients.

The relative real costs of each form of medicinal cannabis, and the potential savings to the National Health Service budget if 'herbal' medical cannabis was allowed, as well as the more expensive pharmaceutical preperations.

The effectiveness of natural 'organic' cannabis tinctures, and hemp-based creams, along with vaporised, smoked or ingested herbal cannabis.

What is really in the best public interest?

1. Recognition of the unique medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant in pharmaceutical and 'organic' herbal preperations.

2. The establishment of medical 'cannabis clinics' run by experts.

3. An end to the prosecution of medical cannabis users, growers and those who supply sick and disabled people in the UK.

4. Further and broader medicinal cannabis research.

5. The establishment of a Committee of those with expertise in this field to examine the above issues with urgency.

6. A programme of honest education about the real issues surrounding medical cannabis.

Best wishes, from members of the CANNABIS EDUCATION TRUST



At 11:20 am, Blogger Alun Buffry (www.ccguide.org.uk/) said...

and why should other victimless users and growers face prosecution because they are not suffering from this or that ailment?

The value of cannabis as a PREVENTATIVE medicine is still unrecognised: STRESS-reliever: stress may be one of the biggest problems in our society today.

Alun Buffry

At 1:34 pm, Blogger Alasdair MacGhabhain said...

And further than that Alun - cannabis is an antidote to many of the mental health problems that are caused by modern society. These problems are caused by social structures, the way we are expected to behave, the suppression of the irrational by a world obsessed with rationality, and the every-present pressure to conform to the christo-scientific concept of progress towards human perfection. Alongside this we have consumerism, capitalism, and other isms of our age which are allowed to run without proper checks and balances in terms of the effects they have on people's minds and health.

I recommend anyone who understands the mind-body effects of cannabis to listen to the program on R4 0900 Saturday 1st July 06 called Sound Advice, hosted by Giles Brandreth. What was striking about this program is that it neatly circumscribed the ills of our time without stating their cause - which will be obvious to most people. I have recorded it and will pass the MP3 on to anyone who is interested. This program makes it absolutely clear (and certainly so to tokers) that mental disease and unhappiness have quite simple causes. You will also see the obvious link with the mind-healing properties of cannabis that most long-term users will be familiar with - such as helping you to take back your own mind, body, and spirituality, understand yourself and your real human relationship with others, how to communicate with others, and how to resist the constant barrage of insidious pressures that main-stream culture and media try to pump into us. Preventative, curative, and simple antidote to all manner of physical and mental ills. THC The Holy Christ.

At 8:28 am, Blogger winstone said...

I attended this event, and the turn out could have been more, the atomosphere was fantastic, and know how important this issue is to many of us users.

Lets hope we have more of the events as evolution feels its on the way..


At 12:22 pm, Blogger Steve said...

There should also be put into the medical marijuana debate the following:

Marijuana suppression is the main cause of migration to hard drugs.

As well, crack and meth are easier to hide than marijuana.

If you want to reduce crack and meth use among kids, then legalize marijuana and regulate its production and sale.

Also give hard drug dealers the same penalties as murderers.

Finally ban users from a certain part of a city or municipality. It works for hookers; it should be used for drug users.

At 9:44 am, Blogger Edgar King said...

Here is a video that I posted on cancer patients that switched to medical marijuana after some time of taking prescritption drugs because the drugs were doing more harm than good. They now prefer medical marijuana.

benefits of medical marijuana


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