Wednesday, May 17, 2006

cannabis never killed anyone - untill they tried to 'make it safe'

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Thousands of people in Britain who could benefit from the cannabis based drug 'Sativex' made by GW Pharmaceuticals can't get it, and campaigners believe this could be because of a widely reported but flawed inquest held in Sheffield last year.

The inquest ruled that Sativex played "a significant role" in the death of Mrs Anderson, a 69 year old diabetic - but failed to consider the fact that Sativex contains a significant amount of alcohol.

Diabetics are very sensitive to alcohol - it can kill them!

During the inquest it emerged that Mrs Anderson, who took Sativex every day for several weeks, was probally given too much, and her dose was reduced after she complained of side effects.

In his ruling the coroner, Chris Dorries said: "On the balance of probabilities, I find that the initial drug reaction (cannabis) must have been a significant contributory factor in at least the initiation of the illness which continued."

But he failed to mention the other drug involved - alcohol. Unlike cannabis, alcohol kills thousands of people every year.

The coroner recorded a 'narrative verdict', finding that Mrs Anderson died from kidney failure due to Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome "following resolving pneumonia due to immobility arising from toxic brain syndrome".

The coroner ordered that a transcript of his findings be sent to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regul-atory Authority, a government agency responsible for ensuring that all medicines are acceptably safe.

News of the Weed adds: Sativex is a very useful cannabis preperation and should be made available now, but if Mrs Anderson had been given the correct dose of a non alcoholic version of Sativex as used by the Cannabis Grandma, or THC4MS (cannabis chocolate) she would have been ok.

This is why campaigners are calling for 'Cannabis Clinics' - run by people who know what they are doing.

Ironically there is no record of anyone ever dying from cannabis - untill a drug company tried to 'make it safe'.

GP Pharmasecticals published the Preliminary Results from their 'Sativex® Phase III Multiple Sclerosis spasticity study' in March this year. Every study they have done looks good - but the government is still dragging it's feet. Meanwhile thousands of people suffer.


At 8:35 am, Blogger winstone said...

This woman was on a array of drugs I've read about, and this wasn't mentioned, its in the report, May she rest in Peace, however cannabis has be exonerated from her death, yet I feel it'll linger in the reefer madness portions of the press, misinformed..



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