Wednesday, February 11, 2009

kellogg's 'crack' flakes banned worldwide for michael phelps pot bong sponsorship snub

Kellogg's Corn Flakes, which irresponsibly uses the word 'CRACK' in it's advertising, has been officially banned by the worldwide cannabis movement, a powerful global network with weed connections in every part of the planet and supporters from every cast, creed and class of humanity.

Cannabis users from every part of the globe are outraged that Kellogg's Crack Flakes has stopped their sponsorship of swimming hero Michael Phelps after he was pictured proving how good his lungs are with a bong of weed.

The ban on all Kellogg's products worldwide starts immediately, and is for grievous insults to the marijuana/cannabis plant and marijuana/cannabis users, plus actions likely to confuse, misinform and frighten young people.

Many young people enjoy both swimming and toking on bongs and see Michael Phelps as a great role model, and he is. Kellogg's on the other hand has shamelessly exploited and targeted young people for years. They ruthlessly market their 'crack' junkie food mix of sugar and bits of over cooked corn, cut with preservatives and other chemicals which may cause testicular cancer. Kellogg's adverts groom young people for a life time addiction to sugar and junk food. Michael Phelps is well out of there.

Kellogg's, who's global market for 'crack' flakes is tiny in comparison to the multi national cannabis industry is now facing a massive backlash as millions of people all over the world say "SNAP" and boycott Kellogg's forever. Hemp flakes and muesli is so much better for your health.

free the phelps 8 - further outrage has been caused by the arrest of 8 people and a bong by american police who say the accused may have shared the same bong as phelps. One of the arrested had tried to sell the famous bong on ebay for 100,000 dollars, on hearing of this the local police 'bong squad' mounted a raid and are now proud owners of the historic and valuable item, claiming 'finders keepers' rights.


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